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A Dream Come True

The first short story in the Second Chances series.

Miriam Alexander takes a vacation to Cancun and gets the surprise of her life. Her daughter, Kaitlin, has been playing matchmaker. Can she give her heart to Rhett Yancey again after he stomped on it the first time?

“I was able to feel for the main character quite intensely for such a short story.”
~ Yvette M Calleiro – Rave Reviews Book Club

About The Book


Miriam Alexander looked around the airplane. Why had she let Kaitlin talk her into this vacation? Just because she’d buried herself in her work since Dan died, it didn’t mean she needed a vacation. Five years wasn’t that long.

“For once, just enjoy yourself, Mom. The insurance company will be here when you return. Look at that ice and snow. Mexico is great this time of year.” She and Dan had owned and operated Alexander Insurance together until his death which she kept and ran herself. And as Kaitlin reminded her, now she had managers that could handle the workload for a few weeks while she was away.

So here she was, sitting at a window seat of a 747 and taxiing down the runway at Kennedy airport. Miriam hated flying. She flew for the last time, eighteen years ago when she and Dan spent their honeymoon in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

Dan hadn’t been the love of her life like that rambunctious cowboy, Rhett Yancey. Rhett had loved busting broncos and riding bulls more than he loved her. Miriam felt like she ranked tenth on a list of eight, behind his carousing, gambling, drinking, poker playing, pool shooting, guitar picking, and other vices. When he got a hankering for chasing skirts, she was out the door, never looking back.