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All For Love

Prequel to Love Conquers All:

Will Carina and Tyler find their way back to each other, or will Carina turn to an old lover?

“I highly recommend this story both as a stand-alone romance and as an introduction for newcomers to the character-driven tales by author Kim Cox.”
~ Stephen Geez, author of Dance of the Lights and Papala Skies.
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About The Book

Prequel to Love Conquers All:

Will Carina and Tyler find their way back to each other, or will she turn to an old lover?

Carina and Tyler Anderson are living their dream life in Houma, Louisiana—Carina’s hometown.

Tyler was an out-of-work accountant from Texas working in the Houma oil fields until he finds his passion as an artist. He has finally been able to make a good living with his art and opened his own gallery.

Carina can now quit her waitress job and pursue a writing career. She wants to be a mystery author one day and begins by taking creative writing classes through the mail. Tyler has changed her life. He brought her back from a dark place after her heart is broken.

Javier Fortier broke Carina’s heart, but he is now a rich man and has vowed to win Carina back. No matter what she says, he knows she still loves him. He will not take no for an answer. He feels Tyler is just a temporary obstacle to be dealt with, and once he learns his weakness, he goes after him with everything he has—his money and his connections.

Carina Anderson thinks her life is about as perfect as it can get until Tyler begins acting strange. When secrets are revealed, Carina’s life is blown apart both mentally and physically.


I stood at the stove, flipping pancakes for mine and Tyler’s third anniversary breakfast. How wonderful our lives were now. The love had always been there, even since the first day we met. But not having money made everything harder. Tyler majored in accounting at the University of Texas, but we decided to live in Houma, Louisiana, my hometown. The bayou’s few accounting jobs were taken without any hope one would be open in the future. Tyler took a job in the oil fields until . . .

Until he found his God-given talent—chain saw art. I waited tables in a local diner. While still working in the oil fields, Tyler carved bears, eagles, mushrooms, and Indians on the side. He used different types of trees that had fallen or were blown over by the many coastal storms. Other trees were unwanted by their owners, and Tyler volunteered to carry them off for free and sometimes cut them down, too.

“Honey!” I called to him. When he didn’t answer, I tapped on the bedroom door. “Cheri, are you up?”

“Huh?” he asked with a sleep-heavy voice.

“Breakfast is almost ready. Get up, or you’ll be late opening the gallery.”

“Coming,” he moaned.

I walked back to the kitchen to finish breakfast, letting my mind drift even more.

Not long ago, we opened an art gallery, and it did exceptionally well. People came from everywhere just to watch Tyler carve. The more he worked at his talent, the better and more professional his work became. We bought our own home and we even had a little extra left over these days. Nothing could touch us now.

Once the gallery was doing well, Tyler talked me into taking creative writing courses through the mail. Since the bayou didn’t have a college, and we didn’t want to be away from each other for the time it would take to drive to New Orleans or Baton Rouge, this was the ticket to my dreams—to become a mystery writer.

Tyler groggily pulled his chair out from the table, breaking into my thoughts. Pushing his hand through his dark curls, he asked, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Pancakes, eggs, bacon, grits, homemade biscuits, and gravy.”

His eyes became wide. “A feast?”

“Anything for you, honey.”

He moved his napkin, finding his anniversary card beneath it. “Oh no, I forgot something.” He rushed from the table and into the garage. I waited but didn’t hear him come out.

A few minutes later, Tyler came back into the kitchen through the garage door and sat down to eat his breakfast.

“What was that all about?” I asked, pouring coffee into his ironstone mug.

“Oh, nothing. I forgot to check the battery on the car. It registered a little low last night when I drove home.”


“Oh, it’s fine now. I’ll have it checked when I leave work today.”

I couldn’t believe he forgot our anniversary, and now he was acting as if nothing was wrong. Tyler gulped his food down eagerly and then showered for work.

I was almost in tears. Not even a thank you for breakfast had he offered me. I washed the dishes as Tyler ran in, grabbed me around the waist, kissed my cheek, and rushed out the door before I could chastise him.

He turned before exiting and said, “Oh yeah, thanks for the great breakfast and card. Happy anniversary, darling.”

Available At:
Kindle Audiobook $3.99