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All This Time

A wish. A secret. An enemy who could destroy everything.

Jenny Morgan’s life is turned upside down. As a busy CEO of a prestigious fashion magazine, her world revolves around her work. But something is missing. She needs more. Can she trust her once-shattered heart to her best friend’s irresistible charm?

It’s time to shed his playboy reputation. Trevor Drake makes a move on his long-time crush. Can he convince the woman he loves he’s a changed man?

As Jenny’s doubts resurface, Trevor is determined to confront the source. Can their love survive the dangers that lie ahead?

“All This Time” is a gripping romantic suspense novel. If you like rollercoaster rides of passion, harrowing stakes, and betrayal at every turn, you’ll fall for Kim Cox’s tale of deadly desire.

All This Time

Style & Profile Series – Book 1

“Cox’s characters are rich and down to earth.”
~ Elizabeth Delisi, Author & Editor

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“Kim Cox is a queen of suspense romance, and after reading this book, I now know why.” ~ Amazon Reviewer – Eleemosynary


A desperate wish. A secret devotion. An enemy who could destroy everything.

Jenny Morgan, CEO of a prestigious fashion magazine, seemingly has it all. But when her father’s health scare shakes her to the core, she faces a daunting challenge: providing him with a grandchild. With no recent dates and no husband, she feels time slipping away. Can Jenny trust Trevor to protect her heart?

Trevor Drake, a playboy with a secret love for Jenny since college, steps up to offer an unconventional solution. But as they embark on this journey, their shared history resurfaces, and a dangerous enemy lurks in the shadows. Can Trevor prove he’s trustworthy?

In a world of sabotage and life-threatening events, Jenny and Trevor’s love is tested. Can they withstand the chaos and deceit that surrounds them? As they unravel the truth and fight against a common enemy, they discover a bond that goes deeper than they ever imagined.

Join Jenny and Trevor in this gripping romantic suspense and experience a love that defies all odds. Don’t miss out on the rollercoaster ride of passion, betrayal, and justice. Buy now and lose yourself in their captivating story!



After she took the last swig of cola, she hurled the empty cup into the trash and paced across the plush carpeting in front of her desk. The office was quiet—everyone had left hours ago, leaving her to finish their work as usual.

If it weren’t for her, the magazine would’ve folded years ago. But did any of them appreciate her? Her organizational skills? Her stamina? No! Damn all the Morgans, especially Joe Morgan.

Memories rushed into her mind. Ten years ago, when his wife died, who had looked after him day after day, made sure he ate, petted him, nurtured his aching heart and later, gave him her body to help him release the stresses he faced? She had, that’s who. Well, she hadn’t really had sex with him. A glass of wine with dinner and the knock-out powder fixed him right up. Who was to say what did or didn’t happen when Joe had awakened beside her and both of them naked?

She shivered at the image of sex with such a dried-up old prune.

“Filled with suspense, mystery as well as heart-filled emotion…” ~ Author & Reviewer – Nancy Carty Lepri

To him, she had been just his secretary. His right-hand girl, that’s what she’d been, taking care of his business when his grief proved too much for him to handle and his precious daughter had returned to college, leaving him alone. When she invited him to her home, it gave him a change of scenery, a reprieve from staring at the same walls and the same rooms he’d shared with his late wife for thirty-five years. Joe had made promises of a promotion within the company during those times to repay her for helping him through his pain.

When she told him she was pregnant, he wanted her to marry him and become his little missus, but that wasn’t her style. Running Morgan Fashions magazine was her dream. Not playing mommy, or nursemaid to an old man. She would’ve made the sacrifice, though, if only for a little while. At least until she gained control of the magazine. Then he caught her, and found the telltale sign on the sheets that morning when he’d arrived early for breakfast. As soon as she turned off the shower, she knew she’d been found out. She’d lied about being pregnant and he knew it. Joe was furious, called their relationship quits, and demoted her to the mailroom.

She ground angry tears from her eyes. At first, she planned to burn the place to the ground but knew she could catch more Morgans with sweetness rather than vengeance, especially after Joe retired and handed the reins over to his daughter, Jenny. All his promises had been lies. Joe’s plan all along had been to hand the company over to a blood relative.

That was ancient history. Her mind returned to the present. Too bad Joe hadn’t died from his heart attack last night. Jenny had tried to keep it a secret from the staff and everyone else. This girl keeps her ear tuned in for everything. That’s the only way she would be able to dish out just desserts to the Morgans.

She slammed her hands onto the desk. After scratching her way through college, she’d be damned if her business degree would amount to nothing. Now that the managing editor position was available, there was no way anyone was stealing it from her. Jenny liked ambition in her editors, and none of the other potentials had her determination or her persistence.

The only threat to her plans was that wimpy Trevor Drake. He might be Jenny’s best friend, but he didn’t measure up. He relied heavily on his assistant to keep him organized and the bachelor in him couldn’t turn away a pretty pair of legs if they killed him. Even if he got the position, she’d prove him incompetent and step right into the job and still come out as innocent as a newborn.

A sly smile spread across her lips. Like a mason lays his bricks one at a time to build a well-constructed house, she would triumph by tackling one obstacle at a time and using Trevor’s laid-back, pushover personality against him. He’d be a cinch to handle.

Jenny Morgan, however, would be much more difficult to fool. Yes, one obstacle at a time.