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Christmas Cruise

Ghosts are speaking. Can Lana help them find justice?
All her friends said, “You need a vacation. Take a cruise. Relax. Enjoy the sea air. It will do you good.” Yeah, right! No such luck for Lana. She ends up on a cruise with ten ghosts demanding her attention.

“A Ghostly and Murderous Cruise and a Delicious Who Dun It.”
~ Patricia A. Guthrie – Author of Waterlilies Over My Grave
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Christmas Cruise

Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery
Book 4

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About The Book

As soon as Lana Malloy boards the cruise ship, an eerie feeling of death surrounds her. She ignores it at first, thinking it’s her fear of the large ship since this is her first cruise.

The first night, she has a vision of one woman’s rape and murder. It’s not long before she’s confronted by the spirits of other young women who have also been raped and then murdered.

Now it’s up to her to find their murderer, someone who could be sailing with them. Can she help these women find the justice they deserve?

Projected Scheduled Releases:
Book 5: Haunted by Her Past – 2017
Book 6: Demi’s Serial Case – TBA
Book 7: Death Comes Calling (working title)- TBA
Book 8: Finding Zoe

Previous releases:
Book 1: Haunted Hearts – Free at all locations
Book 2: Get Out or Die – Free with Newsletter Subscription
Book 3: The Wedding Crasher


As Lana shielded her eyes from the sun with the back of her hand, she gazed up to the eight floors of the Princess Angeline Cruise Ship. The black, aqua, and gold colors of the Bahamian flag shifted in the sea’s breeze atop the massive ship. She’d learned from the brochure that the black represented the force and vigor of the united people of the Bahamas. The triangle pointing toward the body of the flag symbolized their determination and enterprise. The aqua and gold represented the rich resources of the sea and sun, in that order.

This quick fun read with a nice extra at the end is a paranormal story.

This would be Princess Angeline’s maiden voyage out of Charleston. Queen of the Atlantic Cruise Line originally operated out of California but had recently setup operations on the east coast.
She caught Tony studying her and she smiled to let him know she felt fine. She’d feared the large ship and had had to psych herself up for the cruise. Tony had taken her fishing last summer to familiarize her with the to-and-fro of the waves. When she told him that although she’d lived in Charleston all her life, she’d never been out on the ocean in a boat, he’d thought she was joking. It became evident the first time they ventured out that she wasn’t kidding at all.

Lana couldn’t believe she’d finally agreed to take a seven-day voyage across the Atlantic to the Bahama Islands. Nervous excitement supplied her with a giddiness like she’d never experienced.
Before leaving home, she’d made sure to pack Dramamine just in case she became sea sick. She’d heard many stories about trips being ruined just because someone hadn’t realized they’d be affected. Tony laughed at her, but of course, he’d been on cruises from the time he could walk.

As she neared the ship, her legs became heavier, hindering her movement. Dread filled her heart and she wondered if it was an omen that the trip would be plagued with sickness or could it possibly be a doomed ship that would sink into the vast ocean. “Something’s wrong,” she said, exhaling.

Check the booksellers below for sale prices. Buy Christmas Cruise Today!
Kindle $2.99 Paperback $9.99 Books2Read $2.99 Direct Sale $2.99