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Dream, Conquer, & Love

Four Romantic Short Stories

A Dream Come True (Second Chance Romance)
In His Arms (Second Chance Romance)
All For Love (Love in the Bayou 1)
Love Conquers All (Love in the Bayou 2)

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About The Stories

In A Dream Come True, Miriam Alexander takes a vacation to Cancun and gets the surprise of her life. Her daughter, Kaitlin, has been playing matchmaker.

In In His Arms, Julia and Edward (Ed) White have been estranged for a few years but never divorced. Ed’s lack of support, calling her romances, “Not real writing” was the leading cause of their separation.

In All For Love, Will Carina and Tyler find their way back to each other, or will Carina turn to an old lover?

In Love Conquers All, Carina and Tyler are finally back on track when Javier is up to his old tricks. He threatens them by playing on their fears and using their own love to turn them against each other.