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Duty To Truth

The last thing she needs is to fall in love.

Kara Davis, a single widowed mother of a teenage daughter has always struggled with the loss of her husband, who was KIA in Afghanistan. When her late husband’s best friend and godfather to her daughter, ex-Army Ranger Ian McCrae, returns to Larch Rise, now a detective with the local police department, old wounds are reopened.

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She’s closed off her heart. He’s kept a dark secret. Can she forgive him as they work to solve the case and embrace their desires?

Kara Davis, a devoted single mother, manages a resort hotel. When her hotel faces trouble, she’s shocked to discover that the charming detective called to investigate is her late husband’s best friend—the only man to stir her in years. Long-buried feelings resurface.

Ian McCrae, a former Army Ranger turned detective, carries a heavy secret. Seeing her again makes it unbearable. As they work closely together, old wounds reopen, and Ian grapples with guilt over his desires.

They must confront their pasts and solve mysteries. Will Kara forgive Ian when he reveals his betrayal?

In “Duty to Truth,” love, sacrifice, and redemption unfold in the Georgia mountains. Join Kara and Ian as they confront their desires and uncover the truth. Get your copy today.

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The Start of Chapter One


Kara, one of the co-owners of Larch Rise Resort, stood on the highest balcony, taking in the stunning mountain views. She heard the chatter of voices and the tinkling of laughter coming from below. Her gaze shifted and she noticed the recreation area. Her twin sister, Sara, and a group from the Morgan-Drake Corporation exited a building below dressed in tennis attire. Having completed their last brainstorming session for the day, they headed to the courts for their scheduled game. Later they would go for a swim to cool off. She could almost set her clock by their daily routine.

The refreshing summer breeze gently brushed against the surrounding trees, causing the evergreens to display their deep greens. The golden larch occasionally revealed glimpses of the bright yellows that would come fully in autumn. Kara sighed, her thoughts switching to the upcoming visit of the rest of their family. Conflicting emotions swirled within her as she anticipated their arrival—a mixture of dread and excitement. Maybe Sara wouldn’t hate her too much.

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