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Get Out or Die

An angry ghost terrorizes a local family, but how can Lana help when her new ability could give the ghost the upper hand?

“This book offers the reader a peek into an intriguing series.” ~ Gwendolyn Plano, Author of Redemption: A Father’s Fatal Decision

About The Book

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Get Out or Die (Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery Book 2)
Written By Kim Cox
Narrated By Glenda Johnson


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A Private Investigator of the Unusual…

Lana struggles with a personal decision while investigating a house haunting. She doesn’t need distractions. She needs to focus. If she doesn’t, it could be the end of her. Will she be able to control the situation? Or will the ghost sense he can overtake her?

Tony strives to be a patient and supportive fiancé, but it’s a losing battle. Lana’s indecision is driving him insane. As a result, he questions her love for him.
Does Lana have more abilities she can rely on to save her? Will Tony demand an answer before she’s ready? Her only hope is for the spirits to guide her.

If you love cutting-edge paranormal mystery with a bit of romance and humor, Get Out or Die is for you.

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…Lana Malloy helps restless spirits, and the families they are haunting, find peace. The murder mystery aspect adds a nice touch of intrigue…a page turner…” ~Paranormal Romance Reviews


Lana nodded her head to let Mario know she understood. Mario floated closer to her, looked down at his wife, his dark eyes brooding sadly. Mario was still a handsome man. She could understand he would be dearly missed.

Angelina broke down. “I can’t. Mario was . . . is my everything.” Her shoulders shook as she sobbed loudly. Lana would never get used to the emotional strain of dealing with broken hearts.

Mario pushed his fingers through his dark hair with a grimacing look on his face. Lana couldn’t make out what thoughts ran through his mind. He looked as if he was contemplating what to do or say next to help her convince Angelina. Then a sudden whirl of cold air surrounded Lana. She could feel a coldness spreading into her chest. She wanted to scream but couldn’t.

“What about Rodriquez?”

At the sound of Mario’s voice, Angelina jerked her head upward. She searched the room before bringing her gaze back to Lana. “Where did that come from?” she asked, her voice unsteady.

Lana knew what was happening but was incapable of stopping it. This was a first for her. Never had one of the spirits sent his voice through her.

“From me.” Lana felt her lips move beyond her control, but the voice wasn’t her own. She was a bit leery of this herself. One thing was certain, Mario planned to get his point across. At first, she’d been stunned by the change, but then struggled to reclaim control. Frustration overcame her as she tried as hard as she could to dispel the presence manipulating her.

This is a delightfully comedic story about the adventures of Lana Malloy, a young woman who is able to communicate with the ghost to help them move on. When suddenly ghosts are able to possess her body, things get more out of hand than usual.

~The Romance Studio