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Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery

2-Novella Set

The Wedding Crasher & Christmas Cruise

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About The Book

In the LANA MALLOY PARANORMAL MYSTERY SERIES, Lana Malloy is a psychic, private investigator who is on a mission to help the dearly departed even when they don’t realize they need help. She doesn’t just exorcise ghosts; she exorcises their problems so they can peacefully move on.

In Book 3, THE WEDDING CRASHER, between haunting premonitions and a feeling of foreboding, Lana Malloy almost calls off hers and Tony Calabria’s wedding. With the help of her Great Aunt Lucy, she realizes her vision isn’t about her own wedding but someone she is destined to help. But when? Surely, not on her honeymoon. Lana and Tony are faced with finding and rescuing an abducted young woman from a madman. #kidnappings #serialkiller #KindleUnlimited #psychicmedium #premonition #murders #psychic

Reader Review Quotes for The Wedding Crasher:

All 5 star reviews:

“The Wedding Crasher is number three in a great paranormal series that I recommend.”

“I love the Lana Malloy character as well as all the other characters, both living & dead. Besides Lana, my favorites are Tony & Aunt Lucy. It was a fascinating story showing how tragic events in a child’s life can influence their adulthood. If you like Paranormal Romantic mysteries, I highly recommend this book.”

“This next addition to the series is a great one! Lana is growing–her gift, her love life, bravery & her dedication/determination to help those in trouble before it’s too late. With the support of her man (somewhat) she rushes off to save the day!!!”

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In Book 4, CHRISTMAS CRUISE, Lana boards a cruise ship haunted by dead women who were brutally murdered. While aboard the ship she has an experience that emotionally injures her. Once she recovers, she’s more determined than ever to find the killer. #KindleUnlimited #hauntedship #hauntedcruise #serialkiller #psychicmedium #psychic

Reader Review Quotes for Christmas Cruise:

“A Ghostly and Murderous Cruise and a Delicious Who Dun It – A paranormal mysteries series! Good going. Lana Malloy is a psychic and sensitive mystery solver who tries to help all the ghosts she encounters, and there’s plenty.”

“A mixture of a love story and a ghost story. The author blended to two in such a way to hold the reader’s attention. Easy read and well-developed storyline.”

“This is a lovey story full of mystery, suspense, and romance. This would make a great holiday read, especially if it’s near Christmas and you love seasonal books. The characters are well-written and I really enjoyed the story. I have read other books by this author and would buy more in the future.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There is enough description to really feel the tension and fear, but not so detailed as to turn one’s stomach. I have already read the next book in the series, along with the previous ones, and I think this is the best of the five.”

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