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Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery

2-Novellas Set

Haunted Hearts & Get Out or Die
Bonus: Haunting Lana: The Beginning (Prequel)

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“Very entertaining read!” ~ Amazon Reader: Ann

About The Book

This series is also considered a cozy mystery, romance, and humorous at times.

Combined Blurb:

In the LANA MALLOY PARANORMAL MYSTERY SERIES, Lana Malloy is a psychic, private investigator who is on a mission to help the dearly departed even when they don’t realize they need help. She doesn’t just exorcise ghosts; she exorcises their problems so they can peacefully move on.

In the prequel short story, HAUNTING LANA, a ten-year-old Lana has her first spiritual encounter soon after her Aunt Lucy passes. She’s only a child . . . a child with a special gift. Ten-year-old Lana can see and speak to ghosts. #medium #psychicmedium #missing #missingbody

Reader Review Attributes listed for Haunting Lana: “Easy-to-read. Entertaining. Great world-building. Haunting. Page-turner. Scary. Tragic. Twisted. Unpredictable. Wonderful characters.”

Reader Review Quotes for Haunting Lana:

“This story was interesting to read as Lana’s special gift becomes known and she tries to come to grips with it. The appearance of Lana’s dead aunt increases the suspense and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story and look forward to future books featuring Lana.”

“This is a great short story. I liked learning about Lana’s beginning. This looks like it will be an excellent series!”

“I loved having Lana’s back story and knowing the origins of her special gift. A fun quick read!”

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In Book 1 – HAUNTED HEARTS, Lana sets out to solve her first case—the twenty-year-old cold-case and double murder of her great aunt and her great aunt’s fiancé. If she succeeds, they’ll spend eternity together; if she can’t, they’ll be stuck as Haunted Hearts. Meeting hunk, Tony Calabria, and getting to know him better is incentive enough for her to do the job well. #murdermystery #psychicmedium

Reader Review Quotes for Haunted Hearts:

“I picked this book up on impulse because it was free, and I wasn’t at all disappointed. It’s a quick read and moves fast enough to be a page-turner. I enjoyed it and even though it’s not a genre I normally enjoy, I will probably read more in the series.”

“The perfect combination! – “This was a fun and at times funny book, yet there is a murder mystery at the heart of the story that keeps you guessing to the very end. I highly recommend this book to any reader who likes a great ghost story, a laugh or two, and an exciting mystery.”

“If you’re looking for a mystery filled with paranormal suspense, look no further than Kim Cox’s Haunted Hearts. Lana Malloy can talk to ghosts. A bit reminiscent of “Ghost Whisperer”, which is a show I LOVED, Haunted Hearts has characters that just jump off the page.”

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In Book 2, GET OUT OR DIE, you have an impatient Fiancé, a paranormal investigator, and a vigilante ghost (an angry ghost that’s terrorizing a local Charleston family. Lana wants to help, but she’s terrified of her new ability–an ability that could give the ghost the upper hand.. #hauntedhouse #psychicmedium #KindleUnlimited #reincarnation #hauntedmansion

Reader Review Quotes for Get Out or Die:

“With a haunted house and paranormal activity, Get Out or Die is perfect as an October read. The female investigator is credible and reminiscent of Nancy Drew. As she tackles her own relational issues, she confronts the challenges of an unusual case–and discovers skills she did not know she had. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.”

“A spine-tingling psychological thriller with a twist showcases Kim Cox’s talents as she introduces Lana Malloy with her Paranormal PI Business Malloy Investigations.”

“This episode has Lana trying to exorcise a ghost who haunts the descendants of a partner who cheated him. Get Out or Die does not have the quirky characters I enjoyed in Cox’s first book in the series, Haunted Hearts. Instead, Lana deals with the problems of a working woman struggling to have time for romance.”

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