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Love conquers all when you are open and honest.

Amazon Reader: Joyful

Sequel to All For Love:

Carina and Tyler are finally back on track when Javier is up to his old tricks. He threatens them by playing on their fears and using their own love to turn them against each other.

About The Story


I thought our troubles were over. Nothing could stop us as our lives were once again moving forward. We had conquered Tyler’s gambling problem, and he was back to doing what he loved—chainsaw art. Javier Fortier was a name of the past once again, or so we thought.

As I hung our laundry on the line, I heard a car’s engine. When I turned, I noticed the long, black limo pulling into the front yard. Javier Fortier stepped from the car—ramrod straight, with an aristocratic, self-assured stance. I dropped the wet shirt I’d been holding and turned to meet the intruder face to face. What could he want of us now?

His black eyes seemed to pierce through to my very soul.

“Cheri, how have you been?” The smug look on his face made me want to gag.

“Good,” I said, stiffening.

“Not as I heard. Your means seem less desirable, oui.”

“I have all I desire, monsieur.” The breeze of the day had stopped and a stuffy, oppressed stillness replaced it.

“Why so formal? Have we not been friends for a long time?” Javier straightened his tie.

“No, we were never what I’d call friends.”

“Still mad with me then?” The man had an ego the size of Mt. St. Helens.

“No monsieur. I’m not mad. I feel for you as I would a rock. You neither annoy nor excite me.”

“I don’t believe you. All the words of love we spoke when we were together. Our love is forever. We have the same heritage. Cajuns should always marry their own kind.”

“I’m no longer the young fool I was when you knew me. You did me a favor by leaving and I’m grateful.” This man actually thought he could waltz back into my life and pick up where he’d left off five years ago. After what he’d done to me, and then later when he came back to Lockport, Louisiana, tricking Tyler into gambling again. He had to be insane.

“Don’t insult me, Cheri, you’ll regret it. I want you, and I plan to have you.” Javier stood there, looking so confident that I felt I would be ill.

Suddenly I wished for a wind storm to stir the dirt yard into a pile to cover him where he stood. The birds were even silent, the jungle motionless as if they were listening to what we were saying.

“Please, monsieur, don’t bother to pursue me. I told you before, it isn’t possible. The answer is the same.” Of all the gall. Why didn’t he leave me alone, and look for another rich woman as he had five years ago. The Spanish moss hanging from a yonder tree caught my attention and I stared at it as if in a trance.