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Release scheduled for 2019
Romantic Mystery (stand-alone novel)

Alan wants answers for his best friend’s murder, but he’s not happy when the evidence points to him.

Middle-of-the-night phone calls are never good news, and minutes after his, Alan’s on his way to Bears Hollow, North Carolina. Fact was, Daniel could drive those roads blindfolded, so there was no way he accidentally drove off the side of the mountain.

After a cursory glance at the crash site, Chief Jessie Kendall tends to agree. Too much unexplained evidence on the road, on the car, and in the bushes, all lead her to think Daniel Carson’s car had a little help over the side.

Alan suspects Daniel’s dissatisfied wife. Jessie agrees until she sees them together. Then she suspects them both. Can Jessie and Alan put aside their issues and a growing attraction to work together to discover the truth?

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FOR THE DEFENSE – Book 3 Style & Profile Series
Release scheduled for 2019

Romantic Suspense – Book 3 in series
Lynsi and Jax’s story
Lynsi has been promoted to Associate Editor of the new men’s magazine, Style & Profile. She has everything going for her both personally and professionally. She has a serious boyfriend–the first in a long while.

Jaxon (Jax) Montgomery is a lawyer who represents those who have been wrongfully convicted. He takes on a high-profile case of a woman who was found guilty of murder and has been incarcerated for the last seventeen years. After he spoke to the woman’s daughter, he was almost convinced, but after reading up on her case, he was totally positive that she was innocent. She’d been condemned on the sole basis of one woman’s testimony—a person considered to be a habitual liar. The convicted woman’s lawyer had also been an incompetent idiot.

But there is someone who doesn’t want Amie Scobie to go free because he or she is either the murderer or has something to gain from her staying in prison. As the verdict is almost overturned, more evidence is planted as to Amie’s guilt, but this doesn’t deter Jaxon, who sees it for what it is, a set-up.

After a failed kidnapping of Lynsi, and an attempted murder of Jax, they are forced by the local police to go into protective custody. Jax is enraged about having to hide out, wondering how he will be able to defend his client when he can’t even go to the store without an escort. The officers are not very supportive of his case because they believe when someone is convicted they are guilty and should stay in jail.

After another attempt on both Lynsi and Jax, the couple eventually escape to a beach house arranged for them by their friends, Jenny and Trevor Drake, but they are found and abducted. Will Jax and Lynsi be able to escape and find the evidence they need to set the woman free or will the true murderer win?

GRAVE ACCUSATIONS – Book 6 – Lana Malloy Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series
(last book in the series at least for a while)

Release scheduled for 2019
Paranormal Cozy Mystery

After Demi and Derek return from their honeymoon, Derek is haunted by ghosts from his past, soldiers he had tried but failed to save in Afghanistan.





12 Books set in the small town of Christmas Village USA
Mystery Book Club with six amateur sleuths solving crimes
The below titles are subject to change:

Book 1 – Christmas Getaway
Book 2 – Christmas Murder
Book 3 – Christmas Ghostwriter
Book 4 – Christmas Misengagement
Book 5 – Christmas Orphans
Book 6 – Christmas Fraud
Book 7 – Christmas Friend
Book 8 – Christmas Impostor
Book 9 – Christmas Festival
Book 10 – Christmas Thanksgiving
Book 12 – Christmas Helpers

MENDING FENCES – Book 4 Style & Profile Series
(last book in the series)
Romantic Suspense
Release scheduled to begin in 2020

The editors from Morgan Fashions and Style and Profile will visit Sarah’s sister’s Inn in Georgia. It’s a company getaway to discuss the changes the magazine will need to make in order to keep up with the digital age. This even will coincide with Sarah’s family reunion unknowing to Sarah–her twin sister’s idea to put an end to the family squabbles. Little does Kara know that an old flame was invited by her very own mother in an attempt to reunite the two. Things take a drastic change when some of the rooms in the Inn are robbed.

Mainstream Women’s Fiction
Release scheduled for 2020

(description coming soon)

SISTERS (6-Book Series)
Five Sisters with special power and a prophecy to achieve at all costs.
Releases begin in 2021