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WIP Blurbs

FOR THE DEFENSE (Book 3 – Style & Profile Series)

Romantic Suspense – Lynsi  Patterson and Jaxon Montgomery’s story

Lynsi has just been promoted to Managing Editor of Morgan Fashions’ new line, Style and Profile. She has everything going for her both personally and professionally until she agrees to help Jax with his new case.

Jaxon Montgomery is a lawyer who represents those who have been wrongfully convicted. He takes on a high-profile case of a woman who was wrongfully convicted of murder and has been in prison for the last seventeen years. After he spoke to the woman’s daughter, he was almost convinced, but after reading up on her case, he was totally positive that she was innocent. She’d been convicted on the sole basis of one woman’s testimony—a woman considered to be a habitual liar. The convicted woman’s lawyer had overworked.

But there is someone who doesn’t want this woman to go free because he/she is either the murderer or has something to gain from her staying in prison. More evidence is planted as to the woman’s guilt, but this doesn’t deter Jaxon, who sees it for what it is, a set-up.

After a failed kidnapping of Lynsi, and an attempted murder of Jaxon, they are forced by the local police to go into protective custody. Jaxon is enraged about having to hide out, wondering how he will be able to defend his client when he can’t even go to the store without an escort. The officers are not very supportive of his crusade because they believe when someone is convicted they are guilty and should stay in jail.

After another attempt on both Lynsi and Trevor, the couple eventually escapes to a mountain cabin arranged for them by their friends, Jenny and Trevor Drake, but they are found and kidnapped. Will Jackson and Lynsi be able to escape and find the evidence they need to set the woman free or will the true murderer win?

Grave Accusations (Book 6 – Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery Series)

Paranormal Cozy Mystery –  Derek, Lana’s brother-in-law has completed medical school and is now a resident, mastering the general surgeon field. Two years ago he was a medic for Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan.

In this story, Demi and Derek have married and they’re recently returned to their jobs. Not all the soldiers he treated survived and one has come back to haunt him, blaming him for his death. Against Derek’s wishes, Demi elicits Lana’s help.

Lana tries to help but Derrick has a secret he’s not willing to share.


Mainstream Women’s Fiction — SHATTERED HEARTS is a woman in peril story set near the end of WWII. After Simone Lawson’s grandmere dies in Normandy, France, she sets off for the USA with one of her twin daughters (the other stolen by a renegade German soldier) in search of her American soldier husband, Paul Lawson. She feels if she can find him, together, they can find their daughter. Paul was injured and has no memory of a wife and thanks to his mother, he may never remember the family he has in France. His mother wants better for her son than to marry a peasant girl and a foreigner at that. – In process.

MENDING FENCES (Book 4, Style & Profile series)

Kara story (Sarah Martin Clayton’s twin sister). Throw in a wacky family reunion and Kara’s old flame that’s back in town. With memories of happy days gone by along with Sarah and her friends playing matchmaker, how can Kara ignore her feelings?


Mystery — RUNNING FOR HER LIFE is about BJ, short for Bonna Joy, part Choctaw Indian and full-time marine mechanic who lived a peaceful life on the gulf in Biloxi, Mississippi until her father passed away and left a mountain of debt. About losing her home, she went to her loan holder/boss to ask for an extension, but instead, she received a marriage proposal/threat. Marry his son and all debts would be forgotten. But why would his son want to marry her?

BJ thought long and hard over the proposal and finally decided the benefits would be worth her sacrifice. She would marry Ian McCall, but she wouldn’t love him and she wouldn’t do anything else with him. It would be a marriage in name only.

She went to the docks to give her boss her answer when she witnesses a drug deal and murder. Knowing she’d be next to die if she didn’t leave everything she’d ever known, she takes the long dark back roads to Mexico. – Planning Stages


Paranormal: Four sisters were separated at a very young age after their parents died a mysterious death. Their mother was a witch from a very powerful covenant. Different cousins from their father’s side raised them. Each cousin adopted a sister and moved them to their home towns which happened to be on the four corners of the United States. One lived in Washington state, the second in Maine, the third in Florida, and the fourth in southern  California.

When the youngest sister becomes of an adult age at eighteen, the four sisters are mysteriously drawn back together to the center of a New World to fulfill their destiny. This happens to be a small rural town in the mid-west. Each sister will represent one element: Wind, Earth, Fire, and Rain; to fight all evil upon the land, the sea, the sky, and beneath. Each sister will be equipped with special powers to fight their enemy. – Planning Stages


A Time Travel — Women’s Fiction – In INNOCENCE LOST all the O’Kelly husbands die. There was a curse put on the O’Kelley women: none of their husbands ever reached thirty-five. It’s takes Kate’s return to 13th Century Ireland (with the help of a diary found strapped to her great great great aunt’s portrait) to unlock the mystery and turn the future around. What will happen if she’s able to overcome the curse? Will she have her husband back, or will it only reflect future O’Kelley women? – Planning Stages


Short Contemporary Romance (Cruise Ship Romance)– In SAILING AWAY Katelynn, a secretary by day, is ready for the much needed and first vacation she’s had in years. The cruise ship awaited her and her boyfriend, Leo. If she could only get away from the office without anyone wanting something else, she could get to her going-away party on time. When she gets home, Leo is nowhere to be found and it had been two days since she’d heard from him. Finally she finds the message on her answering machine, Leo can’t go. But she finds out he has another girlfriend and he lied to her.

When Kaitlyn can’t get a refund on her tickets, Lisa, her best friend goes with her instead. They have a great time and Kaitlyn thinks for a few short days that she’s found the love of her life. Yale Rivers is perfect except for one thing, he forgot to tell her about his wife and child. – In Process


Futuristic/Science Fiction/Dystopia/Suspense/Thriller: Backstory – After a terrible chemical is set loose on the earth by evil government agents, known as the New World Order (NWO), who don’t believe in democracy and the freedoms we share today. The chemical kills almost everyone over The age of twelve. The NWO (ages 25 to 55) hideout and let the children fend for themselves for two years so that they would be grateful to receive their help and do their bidding when they came out of hiding. Story Begins – The NWO has established work camps for these children to farm and build weapons for them.

There are a few of the older children–Jamie, Jesse, Susan, Emily, and Dustin–who realize what is going on and band together to fight the New World Order. These youngsters call themselves The New America for Freedom (NAF). During their journey they come upon other Adults ages 25 to 55 who say they do not believe in the NWO and are also fighting them, they call themselves People for Freedom of the World or the PFFW. But can the NAF trust the PFFW? – Planning Stages


Western Historical Romance — TRAINSWEPT is set in the late 1800s. After Lady Cauley’s mother dies and her baby sister is taken away, she finds herself on a train headed for Atlanta, Georgia and her betrothed, a southern gentleman twice her age. When gunslinger, Lucas Quinn saves her from a certain fatality, she’s forever grateful and finds an instant like for this renegade, but is it more. Instead of going to Atlanta, would she, could she entice Lucas to help her find her baby sister. – Planning Stages