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War of the Worlds

In this neighborhood we’ll attempt to bring you the effervescence of the life and times during WWI and WWII eras. This area will consist of how people dressed, how they worked, their lifestyle and what they did for fun. Life on the home front of America as well as overseas in England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, etc. will be discussed.

How did people cope with war times both emotionally and physically, those engaging in battle and those striving to live a normal life through these hard times? What did people eat? Was their food rationed? And how was it rationed?

WWI (1914-1918)a war that started because of a European conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914. Here we’ll learn the causes of this war, about the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, about the thirty-two nations involved, and the powers behind the war starting with the American president, Woodrow Wilson; French prime minister, Aristide Briand; and wartime prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Lloyd George. Where did the war start? What was America’s involvement? Also what were the people’s reactions to the start and the end of the war?

How did the men fighting dress, eat, and keep warm. The service’s ranking system will be discussed. Articles on the major players, how they calculated and made their strategic moves from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Adolf Hitler; from General Patton of the United States to Marshal Philippe Petain of France during WWII (1938-1945). What triggered the war and the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The Holocaust–why and how the Jews were treated by the Germans? How the war ended? D-Day–what happened and how it happened. How did the people react to the end of the war and how did they feel about the Americans.

We’ll talk about the guns, tanks, and aircraft used during these wars. In this article we’ll talk about when, how and where certain weapons were used and why they were picked at that particular time.

Other non-war issue questions you may need to know such as: Who were the well-known best selling authors, favorite actors/actresses, favorite artists, etc.?

But all in all we’ll have fun traveling through the world of time together. And by all means let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in this area.